Monday, December 24, 2012

Chappell & Dave Holt Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Greetings 2012!
Our first big event of the year was putting together our spring tour with Cristina Seaborn (Violin), Francyl and Marvyn Gawryn (guitar and congas). We took our music collaboration on the road to Vista and Anaheim in Southern California, and Sebastopol up north, and shared some wonderful music moments with the communities there.
It has been a very full year for the Holts since Dave retired from Wells Fargo on May 1st.  Immediately the spirit of music came to stay.  The Camp Meeker Players Reunion in July took a few months of preparation and rehearsal from May through July as we recreated the music and words for plays Three Penny Opera, Wizard of Oz, Caucasian Chalk Circle and others.  There were some old scores and programs people had squirreled away.  A couple of times we had to research through the Internet to reproduce what we had performed in the 1970s.  The day of performance arrived July 21st. It was a wonderful show and we had a great opportunity to visit and catch up news with old friends.
Chappell and I reignited our original music act by returning to the open mic scenes, eventually earning the chance to feature our own performance evenings at venues in Martinez, Benicia, Berkeley, Occidental, and others. In October, we traveled to Irvine and Pasadena to participate in the Folk Alliance Region West Music Conference where we showcased in song circles, and enjoyed meeting many fellow singer-songwriters. We also visited with old friends in Los Angeles. We have new songs to share and began the process of recording our CD, “Stone and Fire.” This will be completed in the spring of 2013.
Kelsey is going great guns with her own hat business, Rose La Mer, doing many shows, fashion shoots, etc.  She also got a full time job at Nina’s (jewelry wholesaler) this year.  They like what she has to offer there, so she will be going to a trade show in Tucson Arizona in 2013 as a representative of the company.  Boyfriend Todd continues to work with Gizmo on museum installations, as well as picking up carpentry, painting and handyman work in the area.
Along with our upcoming CD release, Dave has completed his second book of poetry and is looking to have it published in the new year.  Thank you to everyone for your enthusiastic support in 2012. Please click on Reverbnation or Facebook below and listen to our new Christmas song "Another Christmas Song (Cause to Celebrate)," which we just recorded for radio airplay this month. Happy New Year to all of You!
Late winter sunlight softly burns like embers in a fire,
The hypnotizing glow and hum of candles and a Christmas choir.
Muted colours of the sky change as the planet turns,
Just like a stained glass window’s light, the memories return.
The hurry and flurry to get things done,
Hanging wreaths and holly,
This time of year evokes the moods,
Of both joy and melancholy.
Tattered recipes for foods,
Cooked only once a year,
Glasses lift in loving toasts,
To friends and family far and near.

A Christmas tree with sparkling lights,
A note tied to a gift,
Children’s faces lit up bright,
All give your heart a lift.

Another year has come and gone,
The toddler stands up straight.
Each one of us finds gratitude
And cause to celebrate.  

Peace on Earth & Goodwill to All Children, Women & Men,
with special thoughts for our families in Connecticut. 

Chappell & Dave    

(picture is Ledgewood Creek Winery in Suisun Valley, California)

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