Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Now That It’s Time for August … “I’ve got thirty-one days to glow.”

Now That It’s Time for August … “I’ve got thirty-one days to glow.”

“I belong to the Man-Of-The-Month Club, And here it is the end of July.
It's just about time for August to come hot-footin' it by.
You can guess that I'm twelve times as happy as gals with only one man a year.
And now is the time for August to put my heart in high gear.” (sung by Julie London)
We hope you’ve been having an enjoyable summer. We managed to fit in a day off with friends last weekend for a beautiful afternoon picnic and wine-tasting in Suisun Valley.

We are playing at The Arlington, a Deli on 269 Arlington in Kensington on Friday, August 22, 6:30-8:45. You can enjoy dinner and drinks while listening to the music. The eggplant parmigian was great the night we visited and heard our friend and recording engineer Randy’s group, “Roll with Randy Rood” play. We’re hoping for some surprise musical guests to show up that night.
Please join us on Saturday, September 13th, when Chappell & Dave Holt will perform at Avonova at a house concert presenting as headliners the poetry and music of Michael DeWall and David Erdreich. The poet/artists will be assisted by their back-up singers, The Cloudettes. Other guest poets Avotcja, Dan Brady, and Nanette Dietz will read from their work. The show starts at 8 PM; admission is $15.
The next afternoon, Sunday, September 14th, we will be playing on the sidewalk at the Berkeley Hat Company, on Telegraph Ave. as part of the Telegraph Avenue Summer Street Fair, from noon to 5 pm.
Please set aside Friday September 26th on your calendar for Chappell & Dave Holt’s CD Release Celebration with Special Guest Violinist & Harpist, Carlos Reyes. The “Stone & Fire” music party is coming to Occidental Center for the Arts, featuring cabaret and concert seating in the auditorium on that date, Friday, Sept. 26, 2014, at 8 pm. Admission is $10 General.
Check out our remodeled web site. You’ll enjoy seeing what Chappell does when she’s not playing music. Visit the updated sections “Chappell’s Art,” and “Chappell Rose Wearables & Ruby’s Reclaimed.” She used her design skills, devoting quite a few hours to getting the site spiffed up.
If you like what you hear of the music samples, will you make it official? You can go to the CD Baby icon at the bottom of the home page to download our newest CD “Stone & Fire,” or a favorite song from the site is $.99. The first CD, “Wings of the Morning” is available under artist name Chappell on the CD Baby site.

Have a wonderful month and we’ll see you at The Arlington in August, or at our September shows.
Chappell & Dave

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