Monday, September 5, 2016

Maybe September a Rainbow Will Catch Me …

Maybe September a Rainbow Will Catch Me …
“Maybe September I’ll love again,
Maybe a rainbow will catch me then,
This little boy lost will find his way once more
Just like before …”
(Maybe September by Evans and Livingston with Percy Faith, sung by Tony Bennett, 1966)

“The morrow was a bright September morn;
The earth was beautiful as if newborn;
There was nameless splendor everywhere,
That wild exhilaration in the air,
Which makes the passers in the city street
Congratulate each other as they meet.”

(The Student’s Tale by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

Hi Friends, Family and Music Supporters,
We’ve sure had an unusually cool summer in the Bay Area, but there’s always hope for you heat lovers. Sometimes we experience our hottest weather in September and October.

Dave just returned from Ontario, Canada, also having cool weather, where he and his nephew Dylan Switzer provided music for his mother’s memorial service (see pic of Dylan’s Toronto band, The Detours).

Chappell will share an end of summer bill with Carl Solomon from Portland, Oregon, in a performance at the Black Pug Café, each sharing their unique styles at an upcoming event, Two Voices of Americana Music. Dave Holt will add his gorgeous piano support. They will play the Black Pug on Friday, September 16, at 1303 High Street, Alameda, CA 94501. Advance tickets available at Brown Paper Tickets.
Our poet prize winner, Dave, will read at the Dancing Poetry Festival to be held at San Francisco’s California Palace of the Legion of Honor: he will read his prize-winning poem along with other winning poets from around the world (pic shows him receiving 2013 award). At least ten additional dance acts will present choreography combining poetry and dance as a unified dance form on Saturday, September 17, 2016, from 12 noon to 4 pm, at the architecturally beautiful and prestigious California Palace of the Legion of Honor, in the elegant, neoclassical Florence Gould Theater, Lincoln Park, 100 34th Clement St., San Francisco.
That same day, Red Indian Road West: Native American Poetry from California, the anthology Lucille Lang Day co-edited with Kurt Schweigman, will receive a Gold Seal Literary/Cultural Arts Award from Artists Embassy International at the same event, the Dancing Poetry Festival. Dave’s poem about the Dry Creek Pomo tribe of Sonoma County, “Murder in the Modern West,” is included in the anthology.

Watch for our upcoming show with the Jubilee American Dance Theater (see pic from our show last January 10th). It’s coming up Saturday, October 8th at Cue Productions, 1835 Colfax Street, Concord, CA.

House concerts, live music in the intimacy of a home, are a great way to experience music! Please contact us if you’re interested in hosting one in your area by replying to this newsletter. Don’t forget to like the band page and support live music:, and Chappell’s artist page on Facebook:  If you’re on Instagram, you can find Chappell at her name, lower case, one word. Follow us on twitter @chappellanddave and please visit Chappell’s shop on Etsy: 

Celebrate back to school with live music. We hope to “see you in September” at our shows,
Chappell & Dave Holt

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